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Is Mediation Right for Us?

mediationIf you are trying to resolve a family law matter, it may not be necessary to go to court to resolve it. Instead, working with a mediator can help a couple come to a fair resolution that meets the needs of all parties involved.

The Advantages of Mediation vs. Litigation

Mediation may be better than litigation for those who are looking for a timely and affordable resolution to their dispute. It may also be best for those who are able to work together to come to a mutually beneficial conclusion as opposed to simply wanting to win the argument. In many cases, those who go through mediation are emotionally better off because they have been able to freely express themselves in a safe environment.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Working with a New Jersey family law attorney is crucial even if you go to mediation because any agreement reached through this process is binding. At a minimum, you will want someone at the Law Office of Stephen Williams to review an agreement before it is signed. If desired, an attorney can be present during a mediation session.

How an Attorney May Help

A New Jersey family law attorney may be able to determine if the terms of an agreement are fair based on the facts in the case. If they are not, your legal counsel may be able to renegotiate some or all of them on your behalf. Furthermore, an attorney from the Law Office of Stephen Williams can tell you ahead of time if an agreement adheres to state law. If it doesn’t, there is a possibility that a resolution could be challenged in court.

While mediation isn’t right for everyone, it can be an ideal first step toward working past a dispute. In some cases, a judge may ask that individuals go through the mediation process before allowing the parties in a case to ask the court to decide the matter.

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