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Criminal Charges? How an Attorney Can Help

criminal charges

Seeking Legal Representation for Criminal Defendants

There are few things in life more frightening than being charged with a criminal offense. Those who are convicted of serious crimes face fines and lengthy jail sentences, to say nothing about the ruination of their personal lives. It is for these and other reasons why those charged with crimes should seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey, available at the Law Office of Stephen Williams.

The Rights of the Accused
In the American justice system, those accused of crimes are considered innocent until they either admit guilt or are convicted in a court of law. Additionally, criminal defendants have the right to legally challenge the evidence against them through the court process. Since the burden of proof rests on the prosecution, the defense can employ various methods that can lead to an acquittal or even a dismissal of charges. Without a proper defense, however, a defendant can easily be overwhelmed by the system and end up not only being convicted but facing the harshest of penalties.

The Role of the Defense Attorney
Defense attorneys are prepared to challenge the evidence, the facts gathered in the investigation, and even the way that the arrest was conducted. Lawyers may allow their clients to accept responsibility for the primary or some lesser offense through plea bargaining, which can significantly reduce the penalty, but are ready to argue the facts before a jury if the case goes to trial. Using their expertise, lawyers will provide the advice and guidance that defendants need throughout the legal process.

Choosing the Right Defense
Those charged with crimes need the services of someone who will serve as both a legal representative and a legal advocate. They can obtain such assistance from a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey, who can create a personalized plan to help ensure the best possible outcome in every case. If you are in trouble with the law and are looking for a rigorous defense, you can find the help you need from the Law Office of Stephen Williams.

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