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What Happens If I Drive Without Insurance?

driving without insurance

You should never drive a car or truck when you don’t have insurance. If ever you do so, there are a number of severe penalties you may be charged with. While driving without insurance is a serious offense in most states, it comes with particularly stiff penalties in New Jersey. 

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance 

If you own a vehicle in New Jersey, it’s mandatory that you have insurance that covers the vehicle. When you operate a vehicle on a highway or public road in New Jersey, you’ll face a variety of penalties if pulled over. A first offense comes with penalties that amount to fines of $300-$1,000, DMV fines of $250 for a total of three years, and a suspension of your license for a year. Court fees may also be applicable. A second offense is much more severe and can carry with it fines of up to $5,000. You may also face jail time of two weeks, community service for 30 days, and suspension of your license for two years. 

How Our Flemington Criminal Lawyer Can Assist With Your Case 

Here at The Law Office of Stephen Williams, we can help you formulate a defense that may be able to lessen or get rid of the charges against you. There are a range of defenses that we can use depending on your situation, which include making arguments that you weren’t the owner of the vehicle and were instead covered under another insurance policy, you didn’t know you were uninsured, or the vehicle was not registered in the state of New Jersey. There are just a few of the defenses that we may be able to make. Our Flemington criminal lawyer will also file any necessary paperwork and help you understand what your legal options are. 

If you’ve been given a ticket for driving without insurance, call The Law Office of Stephen Williams today so that we can begin to create a strong defense for your case.

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