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How Can I Get My CDL Unsuspended?


Suspension of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) can cause significant problems for current and future employment. For many driving jobs, a CDL is required. In many circumstances a CDL suspension may be remedied. If your CDL has been suspended, then contact the Law Office of Stephen Williams to see what options are available. 

What can result in suspension of a CDL? 
In New Jersey, a CDL suspension may be suspended if there are repeated traffic violations, such as: 

  • Speeding over 15 mph over the limit
  • Reckless driving
  • Following too closely (tailgating)
  • Failure to yield
  • Improper lane changes
  • Accidents involving fatalities

A CDL may also be suspended if you are convicted of driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident and other serious offenses. 

How long will a CDL suspension last? 
A CDL suspension can run from anywhere from 60 days to permanent suspension of your license. The length depends upon the reason underlying the suspension and whether there are any prior offenses. 

How can you get a CDL unsuspended? 
Specific procedures must be used to seek reinstatement of a CDL and removal of a suspension. This may require an application process, completion of certain tasks, and payment of funds. If you receive a notice of suspension, you may be also to appeal the decision to suspend. 

The process to reinstate your privileges depends upon the reason behind the suspension and the length. If you receive notice that your CDL is being suspended, then contact a Hunterdon County criminal defense attorney to learn what options are available. 

How can an attorney help? 
A Hunterdon County criminal defense attorney can explain to you the reason for the suspension and assist you in pursuing reinstatement. We can help you understand and exercise your rights. 

Contact the Law Office of Stephen Williams for assistance with your CDL suspension.

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