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Criminal Offenses in NJ: What are the Consequences?

criminal offenses in NJ

New Jersey prosecutors are serious about curtailing crime in the Garden State. People are arrested on a daily basis being charged with crimes ranging from minimal misdemeanors to very egregious felonies that can result in harsh penalties. They also understand that the integrity of the state court system is also in their hands when individuals are suspected of criminal activity and are not punished in accordance with the crimes they have committed. This means that everyone who is arrested in New Jersey could be facing a personal dilemma if convicted of a charge, and having an experienced criminal defense professional like attorney Stephen Williams will be a necessity for an acceptable outcome. Our associate at The Law Office of Stephen Williams stands ready to represent his clients to the full extent of their rights regardless of the level of the charge.

The Impact on Your Future

The ultimate consequences of a conviction for any crime in New Jersey can last for many years. Even a misdemeanor conviction for DUI will be a problem for many years to come just because of the state’s enhanced charge law for those convicted of multiple offenses. Even a minor conviction can result in significant fines and a jail term. And, for those convicted on felony charges, prison sentences of over one year are very common when a case negotiation is not successful. In addition, eligibility for certain types of employment or government services can be impacted as well.

How an Attorney Can Help

Almost all cases in state court are settled before any trial occurs through the plea bargain process. However, when the charges are frivolous or there is significant reasonable doubt for probable cause, your Flemington New Jersey criminal attorney from the Law Office of Stephen Williams can evaluate all evidence being used for admissibility and question any witnesses providing testimony for the state.

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Never accept the concept that your criminal case cannot be defended. Always contact a Flemington New Jersey criminal attorney at the law Office of Stephen Willliams for solid and comprehensive legal counsel.

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