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Pulled Over for DUI? When to Speak with a Lawyer

Pulled Over for DUI

The state of New Jersey is serious about prosecuting impaired driving cases. Even first offenders are dealt with severely in terms of license privilege suspensions and potential incarceration. The details of the arrest can be significant in settling any charge for DUI in New Jersey, and alcohol is not the only chemical influence that is cited when charges are leveled. This means that officer testimony can play an important role in any conviction, and subsequently an aggressive Flemington DUI lawyer like attorney Stephen Williams can question the officer regarding what they actually recall from the arrest. Your DUI lawyer understands that memories are always freshest when you contact an attorney as soon as possible after the fact.

Remaining Silent

The best action a suspected intoxicated driver can take is often remaining silent during the officer investigation. Inform them that you want to speak with an attorney first. Some drivers will actually opt to refuse the breathalyzer as well, but there can be serious consequences because of implied consent law that a DUI lawyer will not be able to help. However, the stop itself could be dismissed as evidence if the police cannot truthfully justify the stop.

Evaluating the Evidence

The first step your legal representative from the Law Office of Stephen Williams will take is investigating the case and evaluating all evidence the state is attempting to use in the prosecution, as all evidence must be obtained according to specific rules and codes. Even breathalyzer results can be questioned when the maintenance records are not up-to-date, and police officers often stop drivers based on flimsy explanations such as a license plate that is not illuminated. Cases where no BAC records are obtained are also problematic, as officer testimony is all the state has as evidence in some instances. Reasonable doubt is the standard, and an aggressive Flemington DUI lawyer will work towards building as much doubt as possible.

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Never accept the concept that your DUI charge cannot be defended. Your future is at stake when fighting a criminal conviction. Flemington residents should always call attorney Stephen Williams for aggressive criminal defense representation.

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