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Could Our Divorce Be Mediated?

divorce mediation

When a couple divorces, they assume the process will take place inside a courtroom. However, for many couples, mediation is a more effective way to handle their divorce proceedings. If you believe this option may be worth consideration, contact Flemington NJ divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Stephen Williams to find out more.

Maintaining Privacy
If a divorce is mediated, you will be able to maintain more privacy about the details of your divorce. As a result, by working with attorney Stephen Williams, only the final details of the agreement will be shown in the divorce judgement.

Faster and Cheaper
When couples choose to mediate their divorce, they find it is usually a faster and cheaper option than litigation. Though both parties will still need to retain attorneys during mediation, billing is often done at a lesser rate for non-court hours. Also, since you will not have to wait weeks or longer to get on the court docket, the divorce can be completed much quicker.

Preserving the Parental Relationship
By using Flemington NJ divorce lawyers for mediation, couples can often have much better luck in preserving a co-parenting relationship. By working in a less formal setting and being allowed to maintain much more control over the outcome of the divorce, parents find they can often coexist much better in working together to raise their children post-divorce.

Mediate and Litigate
When working with attorney Stephen Williams, couples may find they can mediate some issues while still having to litigate others. For example, while they may be able to mediate child custody and other related issues, they may need to litigate such matters as property division if they cannot reach a decision in mediation.

To find out more about how mediation might be right for your divorce, schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Stephen Williams as soon as possible.

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