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Domestic Abuse: Do You Have A Case?

domestic abuse case

One of the most horrible aspects of society, domestic abuse affects thousands of people each day. Although men can be victims, the majority of victims are women. Unfortunately, many victims stay in relationships for years, getting severely injured or even killed. If you believe you are in a domestic abuse situation and want to take legal action, here are some factors to consider when determining if you indeed have a case.

Documented Evidence
In almost all domestic abuse cases, it is critical for the victim to have as much documented evidence as possible. This can include photos of injuries, videos of arguments between victim and abuser, police reports, medical records, and more. By having this evidence, attorney Stephen Williams will be able to assess the situation to determine if you do indeed have an abuse case.

Domestic Abuse or Civil Harassment?
While many factors are similar in both of these situations, a Flemington NJ domestic abuse attorney at the Law Office of Stephen Williams can help differentiate between the two. For example, if violence is occurring between family members or a couple who is intimate with one another, it is considered domestic abuse. However, if violence is occurring between friends, coworkers, or other non-relatives, it is civil harassment.

Divorce Proceedings
In many situations, domestic abuse leads to one spouse filing for divorce. When this happens, the abusive behavior often escalates. For example, the abuser may make additional threats of physical violence, threaten to take away the couple’s children, or other similar actions. Whatever the case may be, always rely on attorney Stephen Williams for assistance. As a Flemington NJ domestic abuse attorney with a proven track record of success in these cases, he can provide much-needed reassurance and legal counseling.

To determine if you have a domestic abuse case, schedule an immediate consultation with the Law Office of Stephen Williams.

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