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Can My Criminal Record Be Expunged in NJ?

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Criminal records can be a serious problem for people who have turned their life around. Many people actually only have a criminal history because of an association with someone who was clearly engaged in criminal activity. These records can be an issue later in life, and now New Jersey residents can have certain records expunged from public view when an experienced legal professional like attorney Stephen Williams and his Flemington NJ criminal lawyers can prepare your case for approval by the state court system.

Juvenile Records

All juvenile records can be petitioned for expungement by the state under certain circumstances. Records regarding very serious crimes could be problematic, but most documentation for those under the age of 18 can be sealed from public viewing. However, these records are not sealed automatically, which means it is a good decision to retain an attorney to motion the court for removal. Do not assume the state will do this without a legal action.

Adult Records

Expunging adult records can prove to be much more difficult. Each case must be evaluated for qualification, and there must be a significant time span since the conviction was entered into the record. Investigation records and indictments for cases that were acquitted or did not result in a conviction should be qualified with little problem based on no subsequent criminal activity by the petitioner.

Case Exceptions

There are some types of cases that cannot be expunged from viewing because of public need. These cases typically include specific serious violations of the law such as kidnapping, criminal homicide, and a wide variety sexual deviancy convictions. The list is exhaustive, and those seeking expungement of very serious felonies should reconsider before consulting with an attorney. Expungement is a legal privilege in many respects intended to allow people to rebuild their lives, and the court system typically holds that the public right to know about the convictions supersedes any expungement request from the violator.

Anyone in New Jersey pursuing a criminal record expungement should contact the Law Office of Attorney Stephen Williams Flemington NJ criminal lawyers for more information.

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