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When a Criminal Lawyer Can Help Your Case

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If you are facing charges in New Jersey, there are a lot of things that you need to know. A criminal record can inhibit your socio-economic mobility for the rest of your life. Spending time in prison for any length of time is also dangerous because the substandard medical care can quickly jeopardize your health. That is not to mention the gang violence, jail rapes, and contact with the criminally insane that make jail life so hard.

Choosing the right Flemington NJ criminal lawyer can mean the difference between a slap on the wrists and lifelong burdens that are impossible to bear. New Jersey does follow the Federal Model Penal Code and can be very lenient towards non-violent crimes and first offenses.

But it is only when you hire an experienced attorney and take the charges seriously that the courts will act in a reasonable and fair manner. The courts are used to dealing with the criminal classes who are often creating trouble because they are economically dysfunctional and fall into crime.

What Can an Experienced Attorney Do to Help?

When you hire Attorney Stephen Williams of Flemington, NJ, you can have your defenses presented in the best light. Attorney Stephen Williams can negotiate a favorable plea on your behalf or force a plea or acquittal by heading to trial if your defenses are strong. The prosecutors hate to lose and want to retain near-perfect conviction rates.

But because the law requires an expert to persuade the judges to act favorably, you need an expert who spends a lengthy amount of time going over your case. The best attorneys already know the law so well from handling hundreds of cases just like yours. They can provide you with the best quality and value in representation because they don’t have to research new areas of law or question whether a defense strategy will work or not.

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Contact Flemington NJ criminal lawyer Stephen Williams when you find yourself in hot water. Attorney Stephen Williams will carefully examine the evidence of record and off the record to put together your strongest defenses.

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