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How Many DUIs Gets My License Suspended?

how many duis get my license suspended

The most severe penalty for a conviction over driving under the influence in New Jersey is probably the loss of driving privileges. The amount of suspension time can be commensurate with the BAC level as well as extenuating circumstances such as being involved in an accident at the time of the citation. It is not a standard penalty for all cases. This means that it is vital to have aggressive legal representation from a Flemington DUI defense attorney like Attorney Stephen Williams when facing a conviction even if the case facts are borderline to weak.

Misdemeanor DWI

Penalties for a first offense DWI in New Jersey will typically result in a three-month license suspension after being convicted. Other issues associated with the case can enhance that penalty. A second conviction can result in a two-year driving privilege suspension unless the conviction driving demerit points put the total beyond the limit of 12. The state can then enhance the suspension period and require an ignition interlock device in severe cases. And the third conviction is the most severe penalty, which can result in up to a 10-year driving license suspension in even a standard case.

Felony DWI

Cases of a felonious DWI are assuredly the worse when it comes to driving suspension. A fourth or greater multiple offense will result in a 10-yr suspension as well as incarceration in a state prison facility. The state of New Jersey actually has the power to suspend a driver’s license privilege for life after so many convictions that it is apparent the pattern of behavior will not change, but this is typically associated with driving drunk on a suspended license as well.

The state is New Jersey is indeed very serious about stopping intoxicated driving, and it is always imperative to retain solid legal counsel from an aggressive lawyer like Attorney Stephen Williams Flemington DUI defense attorney.

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