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Dangerous Roads in NJ: How to Avoid an Accident

dangerous roads in NJ

Many roads in the state of New Jersey are known for being dangerous for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. These areas can put you and others at risk no matter what the time of day and can result in a car accident. However, in spite of these dangerous roads, you can take measures to avoid an accident.

The New Jersey Turnpike is one of the most dangerous roads in the state due to being its busiest highway. Driving during the winter can be particularly risky as black ice accumulates on the roads. Because black ice is so difficult and even impossible to see, it’s wise to drive more slowly than the legal speed limit to avoid sliding and skidding.

The Garden State Parkway is a particularly dangerous road in New Jersey. On average, the annual number of fatal road accidents that occur there is over 20. You can avoid an accident on the parkway by allowing for a full car’s length between you and the vehicle ahead and behind you. Never tailgate and move out of the lane safely if you notice another vehicle tailgating you to allow them to pass.

Route 55 runs along the southern portion of New Jersey and goes into Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem counties. Back in 2015, it saw seven fatal car accidents. While riding Route 55, you can take extra measures to avoid an accident by being cautious while pulling into traffic slowly and being aware of any blind spots. Look in all directions before you proceed onto the road and when making turns as vehicles can suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Route 9 is also very dangerous and has experienced an uptick in fatal road accidents over the years. This is believed to be due to more vehicles using it to commute to work and back home on a daily basis. Always act courteously and be respectful of other drivers. Don’t speed avoid distractions while behind the wheel to avoid an accident.

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