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Flemington Divorce Mediator

A Different Approach To Divorce

divorce mediationMany couples who have decided to divorce want to avoid a drawn out courtroom battle, but believe it is the only way to move forward. Often, they find that litigation is an expensive, time-consuming process that may leave both parties dissatisfied with the outcome.

The Law Office of Stephen D. Williams is a Flemington, New Jersey, family law firm that offers clients an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. In addition to being a skilled attorney, Stephen D. Williams is a trained mediator who helps parties reach agreements on a variety of issues related to divorce, including:

The Mediation Process

Mediation is a voluntary process that brings parties, who may or may not be represented by lawyers, together with a neutral mediator who can help facilitate a productive discussion about a variety of issues. The role of the mediator is not to decide who is right or to hand down a decision. Instead, the parties retain control and are encouraged to find mutually beneficial arrangements that both can agree to.

As a Flemington divorce mediator, Stephen D. Williams engages with both parties, asking questions to draw out the issues that matter most. Then, he helps clients move past the places where they normally become stuck, working with them to find creative solutions tailored to their needs.

If you have questions about the mediation process and if it is right for your family, contact the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams. For many families, mediation can be more effective, efficient, and affordable than traditional litigation.

Hunterdon County Divorce Mediation Services

To schedule a mediation session with an experienced Flemington divorce mediator, contact the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams at 908-284-0074.

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