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Child Custody Mediation

Child Custody MediationA child custody case can be a lengthy and expensive court proceeding, but it does not have to be that way. Whether the parents are divorcing or have already gone their separate ways, mediating custody arrangements can save both parties time, money, and additional frustration.

Why Should You Consider Mediation?

There are many advantages to a mediation, as opposed to a court battle. One of the greatest benefits is, unlike a court proceeding, two parents are not pitted against one another. Instead of creating an adversarial confrontation, the parents work together to come up with a compromise to appeal to both parties.

Since the rules are less restrictive, each parent feels able to speak freely, which makes them feel more open to making sacrifices for the sake of the child. The proceeding is overseen by a neutral party, who may be a family lawyer, but this will depend on laws in your jurisdiction. The mediator is only present to ensure things move along smoothly, so the two parties are free to discuss the issues as they choose.

As an informal proceeding, mediation can move along much faster than an official custody court battle. While a court hearing might take several months up to several years, a mediation typically takes just a few weeks. By the time the process concludes, the parents have learned how to communicate more effectively with one another and they will usually use those skills in future discussions. This creates a more pleasant relationship between the two parents, which helps the children feel more at ease with the situation.

The extensive court costs are spared as well. In fact, the parties may even choose not to hire personal attorneys. Instead, they split the cost of hiring the mediator and forgo the additional fees and costs associated with an official proceeding. Once an agreement has been reached, the two parents will submit it to the court. Once approval of the agreement has been granted, they can move forward with the arrangements.

If you or a loved one are struggling with your child custody mediation, contact our Flemington NJ mediator at the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams today to begin discussing your situation.

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