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Child Custody/Support Modifications And Enforcement

Child Custody/Support Modifications And EnforcementThe child custody and support order that you agreed to at the time of your divorce may no longer be appropriate today. New Jersey courts recognize that things change, and your divorce orders may need to change as well.

At the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams in Flemington, New Jersey, we represent both fathers and mothers when one side wants to modify an existing child custody or support order. We also help to enforce these agreements when one side isn’t following the order.

When Can Child Custody Change?

In New Jersey, courts base child custody orders on the best interests of the child. If a change in your family affects your child’s best interests, you can request a change in your child custody order. Here are some examples of times when you can request a change:

    • If your work schedule changes
    • If your child is having problems at home or at school
    • If you or your ex-spouse relocates
    • If a change in a parent’s home environment puts a child at risk
  • If an older child wants to live with a different parent

When Can Child Support Change?

Whenever you have a change in circumstances that would significantly affect the amount of your child support payments, you can request a modification. Here are some examples of changes in circumstances:

    • You or your ex-spouse start or stop working
    • Your income or the income of your ex changes
  • Your child custody agreement changes

If you need to change child support, it is important to request a modification through the court. A verbal agreement between you and your ex-spouse to change or temporarily suspend child support would not be enforceable.

What Can I Do If My Ex Is Not Following Our Support Or Custody Order?

If your ex fails to follow the court order, you can file an enforcement action. If your ex-spouse’s failure to follow the order is willful, he or she can be found in contempt of court.

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