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Child Support Attorney: Hunterdon County, New Jersey

child supportProviding for a child is a fundamental responsibility of every parent. In order to ensure that those obligations are met, the court often awards child support in situations where parents are divorced, separated or were never married.

The Law Office of Stephen D. Williams is a Flemington, New Jersey, family law firm that represents parents in issues regarding the implementation, modification and enforcement of child support awards. The firm offers clients knowledgeable advice, comprehensive representation and personal attention to ensure that they have the best possibility of achieving an outcome that meets their needs.

New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

The court adheres to a set of child support guidelines, which allow for consistent evaluations of support obligations across a wide range of situations. However, these guidelines are not set in stone and do not work for every family.

Attorney Stephen D. Williams takes the time to walk his clients through the guidelines used by the court, explaining how awards are calculated and highlighting the factors used in generating awards. When the standard award does not fit the needs of the family, he advocates on behalf of clients for deviations from the guidelines, which may take into account:

    • Income to one or both parents that is significantly higher than the guidelines were designed to account for
    • Irregular income to one or both parents that needs to be considered by the court
    • The special needs of a child
  • Additional expenses, such as private school tuition, extracurricular activities or health care costs

As financial situations change over time, Stephen D. Williams remains available to his clients. He offers ongoing advice and representation, helping clients modify support awards as necessary, so that they remain fair and effective.

Flemington Child Support Lawyer

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Flemington child support lawyer, contact the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams at 908-284-0074.

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