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High-Asset Divorce: Hunterdon County Divorce Attorney

Dividing Marital Property and Debt in New Jersey high asset divorceThe more prepared you are going into a divorce, the more likely you are to obtain the outcome you expect. To avoid costly surprises, it’s important to discuss significant assets with an attorney before you file for divorce.

At the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams in Flemington, New Jersey, contact us to discuss your financial situation. Mr. Williams is experienced in identifying and valuing significant assets such as:

    • Closely held and family businesses
    • Stock options
    • Professional practices
    • Vacation homes
    • Real estate you own with members of your family
    • Retirement accounts
  • Collectibles

Is My Asset Marital Property Or Separate Property?

Assets you owned before your marriage are generally considered to be separate property and are yours to keep. Assets accumulated during your marriage are generally considered to be marital property and are subject to division. However, there are exceptions and sometimes the line between marital and separate property can become blurred. For example:

    • If you owned a business before your marriage, the business may be considered separate property. However, any increase in the value of the business during your marriage may be considered marital property.
    • Separate property can become marital property if it is commingled with community assets.
  • Gifts and inheritances are considered separate property, regardless of when they are received — as long as you can prove the asset was a gift or inheritance.

It is important to gather information about all of the assets that you and your spouse own. Sometimes, spouses hide assets or destroy records when they know a divorce is in their future.

For More Information About High-Asset Divorce

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Hunterdon County divorce attorney, contact the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams at 908-284-0074.

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