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Commercial Driver’s License Suspension

Commercial Driver’s License SuspensionYou could have your commercial driver’s license (CDL) suspended if you violate New Jersey traffic laws. New Jersey can suspend your CDL for several reasons. Causing a fatal accident or driving while intoxicated will almost certainly cause a CDL suspension. Reckless driving or excessive points on your driving record can also cost your CDL.

Federal Regulations

As a commercial driver, you may also have to answer to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA is in charge of making sure commercial drivers follow federal regulations. And they can suspend your license permanently or for up to 60 days.

CDL and a DUI Violation

DUI violations are strictly punished in New Jersey. A commercial driver faces losing their CDL for 1-year or permanently. There are also fines, legal fees, and penalties. If there’s a passenger during your DUI, you will face DUI charges and automatically have your CDL suspended.

Your first offense earns the suspension of your CDL for 1-year, and suspension of your New Jersey license for 3 to 12 months. A second offense will lead to the permanent revocation of your CDL, and a 2-year suspension of your New Jersey license. You could also face time in jail, court-ordered community service, and fines.

Restoring Your CDL in New Jersey

In order to restore your CDL, you must complete all actions ordered by the courts and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). This includes paying any fines that are due.

You’ll receive a written notice once your CDL suspension period has passed. After receiving the notice, you can pay $100 to have your CDL officially reinstated.

Legal Help with Your CDL

Losing your CDL is a major blow to your livelihood. You can’t earn when you can’t drive. Contact the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams for help with your case. If you believe your CDL has been unjustly suspended, call our traffic attorney in New Jersey for assistance.

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