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Driving While Suspended Or Without Insurance

You shouldn’t drive if your license is suspended or you don’t have insurance. New Jersey is strict in how it deals with these violations.

Fines for Suspended License

Driving While Suspended Or Without InsuranceA first conviction in New Jersey results in a $500 fine plus possible time added to your suspension. The fine for a second offense is $750 plus an additional 6 months added to your suspension. One to 5 days in jail is required as well.

A third offense gets you a $1000 fine and 10 days in jail. In some courts you may have the option of exchanging the days in jail for community service. If you complete a court-ordered community service program you do not serve time in jail.

You could possibly spend at least 45 days in jail if you are involved in an accident while driving with a suspended license. If anyone is injured in the accident, you’ll serve jail time even if you’re not at fault for the accident.

Driving under the influence with a suspended license will land you in jail from 10 to 90 days. And your license will be suspended for 1 to 2 more years.

Driving without Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory in New Jersey. Failure to have insurance or proof of insurance will result in fines, jail time, or community service.

A first offense results in suspension of your license for 1 year. You’ll also pay $300, and have to perform community service. You’ll also have $250 in DMV surcharges for 3 years. A second offense will result in 2 years with a suspended license. You could pay up to $5000, serve community service, and get jail time.

Legal Assistance

Driving with a suspended license or without insurance is illegal. Are you facing these charges? Contact the Law Office of Stephen D Williams today. Take this opportunity to discuss your case with a New Jersey traffic offense attorney knowledgeable about specific New Jersey law. The Law Office of Stephen D Williams can help you. To discuss representation of your ticket, call 908-284-0074.

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