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Speeding in New Jersey

speedingNew Jersey has a reputation for being the worst place to receive a speeding ticket. In short, it is in your best interest to drive the speed limit while in New Jersey. Drive safely so you do not have to worry about a ticket at all. But if you do get a ticket, here are some things to know:

How Much for a Ticket

The fines for speeding are the same across the entire state. However, the specific amount depends on your speed. The more you are over the speed limit, the more your total ticket cost. Going 1-9 mph over the speed limit will cost you $85. Going 10-14 mph over the limit is $95. And 15-19 mph over the limit costs you $105. The fines continue to rise in accordance with your speed. For example, speeding by 35-39 mph is a $260 fine.

Extra Fines

Speeding in a New Jersey safe corridor results in even higher fines. A safe corridor is a road with a history of high accident and fatality rates. In an effort to improve safety, safe corridor speeding fines are doubled. The same is true for speeding in a construction zone. New Jersey also doubles the fine for speeding 10 mph or faster in a 65 mph speed zone.


New Jersey’s point system assigns points to your driving record for each traffic violation. The amount of points depends on how fast you were speeding. Excessive points on your driving record can result in higher insurance rates, suspension of license, and even time in jail.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Are you planning to contest your speeding ticket? Contact the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams for help with your case. You will have someone to state your case, and possibly negotiate for a lower fine and less points on your license. Contact the Law Office of Stephen D. Williams today for a consultation to discuss your case with our Hunterdon County lawyer at 908-284-0074.

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